Wednesday, July 29, 2009

24th July - Kanosh

(I could not sleep last night so I finally got a chance to catch up my blog we have just been to busy. So I have a few new posts.)

I just love the 24th of July it is one of my favorite holidays. This year was even better because Jim was actually here. He is usually gone scouting and never here for the 24th, but this year he stayed. Kanosh goes all out for the 24th of July and has activities going on almost all day. It starts off that morning with a 5K run which Sara took first in her age group. Then there is the best little parade ever. After the parade there is a lunch at the park followed by games and races. To finish off the day there is a BBQ dinner and dance with a live band. I love to see the kids having fun and building the same memories I grew up with. Every year it gets bigger and bigger.

Jim about killed me for this one. This has been my new hobby is making tutus. I have had a lot of fun and Aspyn loves em. The one Ridge has on is for Aspyns cousin. Aspyn was gone and came back with her lovely make up she put on so she could be pretty for the picture.

Aspyn in her red, white and blue tutu.

The girls in their tutus.

I love this picture of Randi & Kyler.

Brock was not so lucky in the egg toss.

Shantel & Trey (Egg Toss Winners)

Bailey won her race

Brock won his race

Trey & Bailey Tug-O-War

Tildon & Easton

Going for a ride on the buggy

Greased Pig Chase

Troy & Aspyn clean up well for the dance.

Aspyn loved dancing!

What a fun way to end a great day by dancing the night away!

Oquirrh Mountain Temple and Aquarium

We (Our family, Travis's family, Colby's family, and Spencer's family) headed up north to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple open house. I love to go to the temples. It is always so beautiful and peaceful. I had promised the kids if they were good we could get a treat after wards. Well we had barely exited the temple doors when Easton yelled "Lets go get a pepsi". Leave it to Easton to tell it like it is. After the temple we headed to the Aquarium in Sandy the kids really enjoyed the exhibits there and loved the touch pool with the sting rays.
Oquirrh Mountain Temple


Sting Ray touch pool

Jelly Fish

Portland- Carols Wedding

Carol and I have been friend since before we could talk and I am so happy to see her married to a wonderful man. They are such a cute family and Cam just love Ian. I know how hard it is to find not only a spouse, but someone willing to be an automatic dad. Ian it takes someone special to fill that roll and you just fell right into place. It is so good to see Carol so happy and Cam have the daddy he deserves. I wish you guys the best as you start your future together.
Wendy, Lisa, and I flew up to attend the wedding and it was so much fun. I am not going to go into details, but when you get three crazy women (and Jen meet us up there, Her and her husband made a trip of it)away from their kids and stresses of being a mom anythings bound to happen;) We did a little shopping, went to Multnomah Falls, and took in a late night movie. Good times!
Mr & Mrs Ian Graham

The Girls (Wendy, Lisa, Me, & Jen)

Lisa, Jen, Carol, Me, & Wendy

Multnomah Falls

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ceiling of Healing

Every year Intermountain employees have to set goals and fulfill them in the year. Well it has been over a year now since I presented one of my goals. I wanted to have the local school kids draw pictures on canvas and attach them to the ceiling so when our patients get there treatments they can look at the inspiring art work rather than a white ceiling. This goal was by far one of the hardest (yet my most fulfilling) I have done. It was not bad once I got into the painting and going to the schools, but trying to get through all the red tape up until that point was crazy. All in all it will be an ongoing goal and I will focus on about 3-4 schools a year. Here is want it looks like so far and our patients love it.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

ViVa LaS VeGaS !!!!!

***(Sorry for the long post)***
Wow did we have a great time in Vegas. We did several activities while we were there and had a blast.

Aspyn saw Excaliber and would yell "Mom my castle" so we had to get a picture of Aspyn and her castle.


The Childrens Museum was great. They were having "Grossology" and it discussed everything from where farts and burps come from to name that smell. It was very educational and gross. They kids loved it though.
This guy "Mr Nose it all" was teaching about colds and runny noses. He talked about where colds and runny nose come from and then he would have a big blob of snot fall out of his nose. All the kids would yell "YUCK"!

Kids size operation table

This guy was a belching machine. You would crank the handle up and down to get him to drink and the harder you cranked the harder he belched. Again the kids loved it:)

Layers of skin climbing wall

Some of the other areas in the Museum were:

Worker Area

Painting Area

Bubble Area.

Hurricane Machine which blew wind up to 100 MPH. The older kids loved it, but just look at poor Ridges face. He was not a fan of the hurricane.

Kids Radio Area and of course my kids had to perform.

Firefighter Area

Mechanic Area

They had several other things as well. All in all we spend over 5 hrs there and had a great time.

****TAHAITI VILLAGE (where we stayed)
Had a lazy river and a pool which had an area of beach. It was so much fun to just relax. The little ones had a ball on the beach digging and playing in the sand. And the older ones loved playing freesbie and water guns. Aspyn and Ridge love to float the lazy river by themselves and did not want you to touch their tube.




Bailey & Trey


Brock, Bailey, Easton, Ridge, Trey & Aspyn. I'm not so sure why my kids look so ticked. We had a great time - I Promise.

Randi, Bailey, Brock, Trey, Easton and I went to the broadway show "Disneys - The Lion King". What can I say this was fantastic and yes Allen I finally saw my first broadway show. It will be the first of many. We loved it!

****Rainforest Cafe
And of course we can't go to Vegas without eating at the Rainforest Cafe.

We finished up the week with some back to school shopping and of course enjoyed some of the fireworks. All in all we had a great time and look forward to another week long adventure where ever we may go.