Sunday, June 28, 2009

Kesler Reunion - Fish Lake 2009

Well every year we have the Kesler Family Reunion at Fish Lake. This year was once again a lot of fun. Jim went scouting for sheep in Idaho so I had the four kids by myself. I want to give a big thanks to everyone who helped me I could not have done it with out you. Travis and Sara took all the kids and filled up some water balloons and went in the boat with their pirate flag flying high to attack the other boats. The kids were so excited and ended up throwing their balloons way to soon. Kevin and Robyns boat saw them coming and immediately hosted their pirate flag and were ready. Needless to say they had a ton of fun and the kiddos ended up soaked. Another highlight is the fishpond Pam and Lloyd do every year. The kids love it and have great fun with the toys. It was a weekend of food, family, and fun what more could you ask for.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Anyone who knows me knows I hate birds. So it was no wonder why I screamed when Jim held this little guy right at my face while I was reading a book and not paying attention. He is cute and was stuck in the garage. We let the kids get a close look at him before we turned him loose.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Lehmans Cave

Well this weekend we headed to Lehmans Cave and had a ball. It was actually snowing a little bit on top of Wheeler peak. Trey and Easton did the Jr ranger program and had to look for different types of trees, and other education stuff. The kids loved the cave and it was a awesome day with the family.

This was the biggest dump truck I have ever seen. The two part hook together.

Wheeler Peak Campground- We want to come back and camp here.

This is an old car we found.

Lehmans Cave

The kids loved this it is called bacon.

The family inside the cave.

Cub Scout Day Camp

Well I am glad it is over, but it was a great success. They were almost 500 kids at this years day camp (only 8-9 yr olds). This is far more than they have had in the past and I sure am glad a gentleman up there had an air pump for my balloons. I had no idea there were that many kids that age. Trey helped me with the balloons in the morning and then participated in the camp that afternoon. I had a blister on my finger from tying so many balloons, but I got very speedy at making balloon animals for the Cub Scouts! They got shoot BB guns, Bows, play games, story time, crafts etc. It was a lot of fun. Special thanks to Jim for running back into Cedar for more balloons.


We had a really fun family home evening last Monday. We went on a treasure hunt and each clue had a letter on the back. The very last clue was a certificate for bowling. Then we had to figure out what word the clues spelled to see what the lesson was about. It spelled out TEAMWORK. We headed to the car and on our way to Cedar we talked about how it took teamwork for us to find each clue and figure out the secret word. It is the same in our family. It takes teamwork for our family to run smooth. We talked about our different roles and how when one of us is slacking it talks a toll on the whole family. (You get the picture). To stay on the teamwork theme we did team bowling. Easton would bowl a ball and then Trey would try and knock the rest down. Aspyn would bowl a ball and then I would try and knock the rest down, And Ridge and Jim. We had to work together to get a better score. It was one of our best FHE's yet and I actually think the kids understood the lesson.

Monday, June 1, 2009

New Moon Trailer

(I can't wait)!!!