Friday, April 23, 2010

Relay -4-Life

Well it was time once again for Relay-4-Life.  Cedar's Relay-4-Life gets better every year.  We had a really good turnout and for once the weather was not freezing. 

My co-worker Cheryl was on the committee and does such a great job as our cancer support go to girl.
The first lap was walked by survivors and care givers together and it was such a joy to be among so many of my fellow patients and their families.  They have been and will continue to be such an inspiration to me.  They are so strong and full of hope it is a pleasure to serve them.    The following are just some random pictures from the event.


 My co-worker Mats cute kids

 Another crazy co-worker (Tiff) & (Matt)

 Brock & Easton

I was so busy taking pictures and running around I kinda just left Jim with kids. Thanks Jim for always being such a good sport and supporting me in all I do!!!!!!

Team Parowan always raises the most money.  Their goal was $5,000.00 but the last day they decided to raise it to $7,000.00.  Each year they have a cool theme and matching shirts for their team.   This year their theme was we are H.O.T.T.T. (Helping Others Through Though Times).  Great Job Team Parowan!!!!!!

They had several different types of entertainment going on.  Some of them were  bouncy houses for the kids, several dance groups, a live band, you could tie dye your t-shirt, etc.


So in the end we will never give up the fight!!!!!!!!!!!


Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Day for Dad!

***Picture Overload***

Well let me just start off saying that Jim is not into wrestling.  He does not enjoy sitting at a meet all day long to watch the boys wrestle for maybe a few minutes (coming from a family of wrestling I on the other love it).  When I first told him I was going to sign the boys up for wrestling he said you are not, so since then he has come a long way and is a more supportive of them.  With the meets being on Saturdays it keeps our weekends tied up all season.  We had a break in wrestling last weekend and the kids and I decided it would be fun to surprise dad and plan a fun day for him.  We told him we were going  stay home and clean the house.  I secretly got lunches, camo-packs, and everything we needed loaded in the car then Trey and Easton ran a (cheesy) note in to Dad. It said:

  We don't want to work. We are ready to play,
  So grab a jacket.  Today is family day.

  Moms got everything packed & we're ready to go.
  We're hoping for good weather.  We don't want it to snow.
  Wear some good shoes we may do some walking.
  And its hard to hear a dead man talking.

  So climb aboard and have on good socks.
  Cuz' everyone knows the JENSE FAMILY ROCKS!

We started our day at Virgin.  It was fun for the kids to feed the animals carrots and get some good photos.

Ridge & Aspyn

Easton & Aspyn


"Hold Em Up"

Yee Haw!!!


Then we headed into Zions and spent the day hiking and climbing.  We had a ball, but it was packed.  We avoided to people and did not go on any trial we just blazed our own.  The kids loved it.

It is so beautiful there!

Ridge & Aspyn keep looking in the holes trying to see if something was in there.

Easton Climbing

Jim Climbing.

The Family Zion National Park 2010

Being Silly!

Trey Climbing.

After lunch and some hiking around Zions were headed to Grafton, Utah.  Trey has been learning about ghost towns at schools and has been wanting to visit one for sometime.  The kids had a lot of fun reading and exploring the little town of Grafton.


Jim & Easton


All in all it was a fun day as a family and we just want to say thanks Dad for putting up with the long wrestling season and being a good sport.  We love you and appreciate all you do for us!!!!!!