Saturday, June 2, 2012

Dirty Dash

Well I have always wanted to do a Tough Mudder (13 mile race with 20-25 obstacles along the way).  So I decided I would sign up for a Dirty Dash (6.2 mile mud race with 12-16 obstacles along the way) .  While I was reading about the Dirty Dash I found out they do a Piglet Plunge (1.2 mile mud race with 5 obstacles along the way) for the younger kids.  So we all headed up to Soilder Hollow at Heber Utah and participated in the Dirty Dash and Piglet Plunge.  Jim was kind enough to follow us and take some great pictures.  As you can see the kids and I had a blast.  There were thousands of people (over 1,500 participates in the piglet plunge alone).
 Aspyn Playing in the Mud.
 Trey & Aspyn Climbing through the culverts.
 Easton Jumping into the Final Mud Pit.
 At the starting line.
 All Finished!

 The had piles where you could toss your dirty shoes.  They clean them up and donate them to charities.  This is one of about 6 piles.
 Helping Ridge over the pipe hurdles.
 Sliding down a steep slippery muddy hill.
 Trying to stay on our feet through the mud.
 The last mud Pit!
 Trey jumping over the pipe hurdle.
The entry fee to Piglet Plunge was a little piggy face tattoo.

Saturday, November 12, 2011


Trey (& his friend Porter) ended up playing tackle football in Cedar this year because Parowan usually doesn't have a younger team.  Of course after we signed him up we found out Parowan was going to have tackle football for the younger kids this year.  Oh Well!  There were so many 5th graders that they ended up splitting into two teams.  Of course Porter and Trey played the exact same positions and ended up on different teams.  On offense Trey played Full Back and on Defense he was the Middle Line Backer.  He had a very successful year and you can tell Football is his favorite sport.  They played other teams from Mesquite, Snow Canyon, Pine View, & Hurricane.One game he had over 150 rushing yards.  Through the season he had many forced fumbles, 2 strips that he ran back for a touchdown (only one counted because the ref didn't even realize he had the ball & blew the whistle but Trey was about 10 yards from the endzone and turned around an held up the ball.)  He also had a kick-off return and is one heck of a blocker.  All is all he had a fantastic season and his team ended up winning the championship.


                                                              TREY JENSE #4
Trey has the best fans ever!!!

Trey forced a fumble.

How many Tigers does it take to catch a REDMEN????

Loved the Coaches - Coach Colby & Trey

Another Fumble

Love the Breast Cancer Awareness  -  Great Job Boys!!!!!


I'm coming for you!



Final score of Championship Game (Cedar vs. Pine View)

Coach Ken & Trey

Coach Barrack & Trey

Cedar Redmen 2011 Youth Football USA 5th Grade CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Birthday Bash

 Well we had a combined Birthday Party for Trey (11) & Easton (8) this year. We ended up renting the Roller Skating Rink in Cedar.  We had about 30 kids there and they had a great time.We played all kinds of skate games and had pizza, pop, and cake.
Happy Birthday Trey & Easton


We did the limbo    /    Good Job Trey!

Even the moms got in on the fun!

Derek, Porter & Lincoln enjoying some Cake.

1/2 Steelers & 1/2 Colts Cake

Monday, May 16, 2011

Photo Shoot Preview

I did a quick photo shoot today for a co-worker.  I had a ball and they were great to work with.  Here is just a preview.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Aspyn's End of Year Dance Performance

Aspyn did dance again this year and it might be her last.  She does such a great job but she is starting to not like dance.  You would not be able to tell by her performances.  She looks like she is having a ball.  So I guess we'll she if she decide to next year or not.  But she did a fantastic job this year and we are so proud of her.  Here is a video of her favorite dance: When I Grow Up! She is next to the girl on the end.


Aspyn getting her certificate from her teacher