Wednesday, April 30, 2008

One He_ _ of a wind storm!

So yesterday I had just picked up Easton from school and we were on our way home. The wind was blowing like crazy. Out to the west there was a hugh dirt devil. All the sudden Easton says "Mom" I answered "what" (it kinda scared me). "That's one he_ _ of a wind storm he says." I was shocked. Not sure if I heard him right I asked "What did you say?" Again Easton repeated "Thats one he_ _ of a wind storm." I explained to Easton that was a naughty word and we don't say that. He had no idea and felt bad. I told him it was ok and becauce he didn't know I would not get mad at him. But now that he knows I don't want him to say it again. Jim and I had a good laugh that night as I was telling him what had happened. Never a dull moment with Easton thats for sure!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Trey's Wrestling

Well Trey wrestled this year for the first time and loved it. His took 3rd at his first tournament, then 2nd at his second tournament, and took first from then on. He ended the season by losing one match at the state tournament to finish 3rd at state. We were so proud of him and his hard work. His only loss in the state tournament was to a kid who has been wrestling for years (He has taken state the last several year and even competed in nationals). Trey lasted all three rounds and the kid only beat him by points. Trey is very determined and a real go getter. We love you Trey and are so proud of you. Trey is looking forward to competing in the summer games here in Cedar City this June. Good Luck Trey!!!!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Easton's First T-Ball Game

Tonight was Easton's first T-ball game and he loved every minute of it. I just love watching the kids at this age. It is great. A guy on the other team was standing on second base getting ready to run to third. His teamate hit the ball past hi and into center field. He immediately races off his base and crabs the ball in center field, then procedes to run to thrid with the ball in his hand. It was great. We are proud of you Easton keep up the good work.

Family Photos


Ok I have had my own little private blog, but decided to jump on the band wagon and have a family blog as well. This way our friends and family members we do not get to see very often can keep up to date with our lives and whats going on. So Welcome to the Jense Family Blog.