Saturday, June 2, 2012

Dirty Dash

Well I have always wanted to do a Tough Mudder (13 mile race with 20-25 obstacles along the way).  So I decided I would sign up for a Dirty Dash (6.2 mile mud race with 12-16 obstacles along the way) .  While I was reading about the Dirty Dash I found out they do a Piglet Plunge (1.2 mile mud race with 5 obstacles along the way) for the younger kids.  So we all headed up to Soilder Hollow at Heber Utah and participated in the Dirty Dash and Piglet Plunge.  Jim was kind enough to follow us and take some great pictures.  As you can see the kids and I had a blast.  There were thousands of people (over 1,500 participates in the piglet plunge alone).
 Aspyn Playing in the Mud.
 Trey & Aspyn Climbing through the culverts.
 Easton Jumping into the Final Mud Pit.
 At the starting line.
 All Finished!

 The had piles where you could toss your dirty shoes.  They clean them up and donate them to charities.  This is one of about 6 piles.
 Helping Ridge over the pipe hurdles.
 Sliding down a steep slippery muddy hill.
 Trying to stay on our feet through the mud.
 The last mud Pit!
 Trey jumping over the pipe hurdle.
The entry fee to Piglet Plunge was a little piggy face tattoo.