Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving with the Jense's

Well this year was Jim's families turn for Thanksgiving.  I did a photo shoot for Jims sister Amy and it was freezing.  I hope we got a couple pictures she liked.  We will have to do it again in better weather conditions.  Then we headed up to Jeanna's house for Thanksgiving dinner.  We had a great time and it is always fun to get together.

The Jense Grandkids

Brianna & Aspyn

Dexter & Aspyn

Jared with the kids

 The newest Grandchild - Reagan!

Ridge and Jim

They love the I-Pad.

The kids table

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Too Crazy or Too Cute???

Well this is how I did Aspyn's hair the other day and I got lots of comments.  I want to know what you think.  Is it Too Crazy or Too Cute.  I finally decided it was a little of both which totally fits her personality.  And the majority of comments I got were "now that is an Aspyn hair do".  Not to sure what that's sup-post to mean but you know Aspyn.  I took this at the end of the day so you see it starting to come out a little.  And of course she had to kept posing so you get a few different angles LOL:) Where did this girls come from?

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Football Fever

 Well Trey had a great time playing football this year and he really did a great job.  Here are some photos from his team this year - The Eagles.

Trey Jense (Mini Man) #9 Running Back

Receiving the Hand-off from QB (Trey & Trey)



Nice Cut- Trey


Tough D!!

One of Easton really good friends was on Treys team so here is a picture of Nicholas.

Love the football season and looking forward to next year when both Trey & Easton will be old enough to play.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Camping with the Holy Ghost

We went camping Sunday night July 4th where the kids had monday off school.  Jim had to work so it was just the kids and I.  They had been wanting to go camping all summer and we had just been to busy.  So I took them for a quick one night camping trip.  We went up Yankee Meadow but with it being a holiday most people already being there through the weekend we had a hard time finding a spot.  We ended up camping just off the road and started to get camp set up before it got to dark.  I did not feel good about the location we were camping in because our tent was just off the road as you come around a corner. The whole time setting up the tent I keep thinking this really is not the best place.  If someone can't make that turn they will run right into us, but we really have no other options and the kids were so excited I pushed they aside and set up camp.

Once camp was set we went on a little hike where Zip (our dog) got into some water.  The look on the kids face when he ran by them and shook was priceless.

After out little hike it was time to start a fire, tell stories and enjoy some smores!!!!

 Trey was our professional Smore Maker!

Every time a vehicle would come down the road I would hold my breath and I still felt uneasy about our location.    I continued to keep my feelings to myself and did not want to upset the kids.  We were having such a great time.  We ended up going to bed about 1:00 AM and after we said our prayers and quieted down I could hear someone crying.  I rolled over and asked Aspyn what was wrong.  Through her tears she said "mom I really don't think we are sup-post to camp here."  I began to cry because I knew she was right.  I had ignored the feeling I was having the whole time, but it took the spirit of a child to make me listen.  We had been learning about the Holy Ghost in Primary that month and the boys (who had started crying also) said "Mom I think the holy ghost is telling us something here and we need to listen."  We quickly packed up camp and headed down the mountain back home.  We had a great time while we were there, but we also had a great learning experience about the Holy Ghost and how he can help us in all aspects of our lives.  We discussed how when we hear those promptings we need to obey.  Need less to say when we did get home they all wanted to sleep with Mom just to be safe, and of course mom didn't mind.  All in all it was a camping trip I will never forget and I don't think they will either.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

July 4th

Well we decided to head to Kanosh / Fillmore this year for the 4th of July.  It is always so good to go home and see so many friends I have not seen for awhile.  We went to the Parade, had a BBQ at uncle Trav's, Played around with the cousins, watched Megan play powder puff football (no fair they got to tackle), and Trey got invited to play in a baseball game so he and I went to that.  We ended the night watching the fireworks then headed for home.  It was a long but fun filled day.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Birthday Blast!

Well Eastons birthday is on June 25 and falls on the Fish Lake Kesler Family reunion every year and Treys birthday is July 23 and we are always gone to Kanosh for the 24th of July festivities. So we decided to have a big party in between them both. Treys party was to start at 10:00 and go until 1:00. Eastons was going to start at 12:00 and go until 3:00. We had a big BBQ lunch for them all while both groups of kids were here.  But the kids from Treys party were having so much fun they did not want to leave.  So they ended up calling their parents and stayed for Eastons water party also.

~Kick-Off Party~
Trey wanted a football themed party so here was his invitations.  I made them to look like a ticket for a game.

I gave each kid a paper with about 15 different Football Team emblems on them and they had to name as many as they could.  We played this game while waiting for everyone to come.  If they could name both the city and the name (Chicago - Bears) they would get 2 points if they could only name one they would only get 1 point.  I tallied up the total and the winner got a prize.  Then we played a game where you had to throw a football through a tire.  Each kid got 5 throws at a closer range & 5 throws at a father range.  He would get a point for each throw he made in the tire. The winner got a prize.

Then we played a game of "Name that Player".  I had some pictures of professional football players and their names.  They were timed and had to match the name with the player. Winner got a prize.

Then we played a game of "Sock Head" (which was a big hit). And of course no Football party would be complete without a game of flag football.

For the goodie-bag I had a candy bar with custom wrapper (Parowan colors) designed with footballs and said Go Parowan Rams.  On the bottom is said "Thanks for Coming" ~ Trey.   They also got a Steelers cup (Treys favorite team), referee whistle, candy, and a picture of them from the party.

~H2O Party~
For Eastons party we did a water theme and they played on the slip-n-slide, the bounce H2Oslide, & played H2O balloon volleyball.  They had a good time and everything was great until it started to rain and get a little cold.  Everyone came running inside and I was not prepared for them to have to come in.  Easton opened his presents and I quickly came up with a few indoor games.  We played "Minute to win it"  and "Pop the Balloon".  By then the weather had cleared up and we headed back out for more water fun.

The boys had a blast. I think the last kid ended up leaving around 5:00pm. It was a long day, but well worth it. The boys had fun together and think next year they are just going to have one big party. Which is fine with me.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Well every year we have the Kesler Family Reunion at Fish Lake Utah and it is so fun to get together.  We rent the same cabins year after year and there is getting to be quite the crew of us. Jim was not able to go again this year and we missed him not being there.  I had to work so we headed out as soon as I got off work Friday and stayed the weekend.  We had a great time and look forward to it again next year.

Eastons Birthday was Friday so we celebrated up there with birthday cake.  He loved serving the cake to everyone.

We played with play dough


Pam & Lloyd do a fish pond every year that is a huge hit.

We played games (Sock Head)

Went Fishing

And just hung out.  Great Times!!

C-Ya Next Year!!!