Monday, January 12, 2009

Kylers First Birthday!

I can't believe Kyler (Colby's youngest) is already one year old. Where has the last year gone. He is such a cutie and growing way to fast. Here are some great pictures of his party.
Happy Birthday Kyler!!!!!!

Kyler Scott Robinson 1 Yr Old

Kyler and His Awesome Cake Great Grandma made for Him.

Not to sure about getting his hands to dirty!

Kyler Walking!

Bubble Fun!

Look Mom I am Number One!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

I Love Albies!!!!

If you haven't hit Albertsons sale this week you are really missing out (it ends Tues you can get all the details from www.pinching your Here's the low down on my shopping trips and I have a few more to go.

24 - Boxes of Cereal
15 - Pkgs of Pampers Diapers
9 - Bottles Pantene Shampoo and Conditioner
2 - Boxes Toaster Strudels
10 - Boxes Fruit Snacks
8 - Boxes Yogurts
10 - Cliff Bars (for Jim)
4 - Bags Baked Chips
1 - Birthday Cake (not on the sale, but it was my Birthday)
1 - Pkg Sippy Cup Stoppers (not on the sale, but we needed it)

Total cost $152.00
minus coupons - $130.00
Total paid = $22.00
And I still have coupons to keep rolling the deal. Thank You Albies!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Did I mention...

I love my new camera. I have taken close to 1500 pictures since Christmas. As if I weren't behind enough on my scrapbooks, taking this many picture doesn't help. Ginger and her family came and stayed with us the night of New Years eve. It was a lot of fun to spend sometime with them and their family. Here are some pictures of me playing around with my new camera.

It takes pictures so fast!

Aspyn was not in the mood!

Some fav pics of Gingers little girl.

Travis and Troy!

Ridge & Easton!

Ridge in the Bathtub!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

She has her sweet moments.

Well Ridge has been sick since before Thanksgiving. I have taken him in a couple different times and have been told he has mono and just needs to rest. So here we are over a month and a half later and the pour little guy is still just not himself. He was getting tired and I was just finishing loading the dishwasher and was going to put him to bed when he laid down on the hardwood floor. When Aspyn goes to bed as night she has to have the ABC's told her several times. So she laid down by Ridge and combed his hair with her fingers and recited the ABC's to him. I had to hurry and grab the camera (by the time I got it she had started to get up)to prove that once in a while she can be sweet.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Snow Much Fun!!!!!!

Well the kids have been begging us to go sledding for sometime and what a better way to celebrate the new year than enjoying the outdoors with family. As you can tell we had great fun:)

This picture really made me realize what a young man Trey is turning into. I can't believe how big he is getting.

Watch out Trey's behind the wheel!

Trey jumping off the snow.

Easton jumping off the snow.

Don't you dare Easton!

Hey Bailey! Going-



Having Fun Brock?

Nice Air Easton!

Tube from Tire Shop $10.00, Snowsuit $40.00, Smile on Easton's face: Priceless

Its not a mule Dad!