Thursday, April 28, 2011

Aspyn's End of Year Dance Performance

Aspyn did dance again this year and it might be her last.  She does such a great job but she is starting to not like dance.  You would not be able to tell by her performances.  She looks like she is having a ball.  So I guess we'll she if she decide to next year or not.  But she did a fantastic job this year and we are so proud of her.  Here is a video of her favorite dance: When I Grow Up! She is next to the girl on the end.


Aspyn getting her certificate from her teacher

Sunday, April 24, 2011


We have started to go Geo-Caching and we are loving it.  It took a little while to figure out what we were doing, but we eventually found our first Geo-Cach.  I have a feeling it will be the first of many!

The Kids out Looking!

We found it!

The container with treasures!

Had to throw this one in.  I can't believe this is my baby!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Camping Easter Weekend

We wanted to go camping for Easter this year, but apparently so did everyone else.  We started out going to Red Cliffs which was full, so we headed acrossed the mountain through National Forest all camping spots full.  After we dropped into St. George we tried to camp at Gunlock /Full, Boulder/Full, Pine Valley/Closed, A spot by Pinto/Full, finally after about 3-4 hours of driving around and the kids begging us to camp somewhere Jim knew a spot from his hunting trip.  It was a little on the colder side, but we got to camp.  Oh how I miss camping.  We make such fun memories and have a great time together as a family we really need to do this more often.  Once we got the fire going it was time for stories and smores.  One of my kids favorite things is when I start a story and they each get a turn telling a key part of it.  The following story is one we wrote around the camp fire.  Trey said the things in red, Easton said the things in blue, Aspyn said the thing in pink, and Ridge said the things in green.  So heres our story enjoy.  (Aspyn was not feeling well so she went and laid down in the tent just after we started the story.)


One day in a far off land called Disney lived a Red Giant Power Ranger named Allen. He had a pet Kitty named Bob Schraider  together they conquered the world of Sticky Marshmallow Villains with their amazing Dragon Vader.  One day while fighting the marshmallow villains a sudden flash of lighting filled the sky and it started raining glass.  So Allen, Bob Schraider, and Vader quickly ran for cover in a Gumball Cave.  As they explored the Gumball Cave further they new they were in trouble!  Because deep inside the cave were Gumball Guys Exercising with Skeleton Bones.  Allen, Bob Schraider, & Vader quickly Disguised themselves as Gumballs.  Suddenly Allen's stomach started to growl.  The gumball guys who were exercising started to lick the bones and flex their muscles.  Allen, Bob Schraider, & Vader tried to run out of the cave, but before they knew it they were grabbed from behind and pulled back into the cave.  Just when they thought they were doomed Vader blew fire out his mouth and the cave melted.  The Gumball Guys melted with it.  Allen, Bob Schraider, and Vader breathed a sigh of relief.  But suddenly the ground began to shake and up rose a Sticky Marshmallow Villian.  However they were not afraid.  They knew just what to do.  Vadar roasted the Marshmallow Villian.  They made tasty smores and told stories around the campfire. Allen, Bob Schraider, & Vader lived happily ever Hero'sTHE END