Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I Love to Look for Rainbows

Well it rained yesterday and we had a beautiful double rainbow right over our house.  I love rainbows and like to think its a sign from my mom that she loves me.  The kids and I just sat and watched it for a long long time.  What a beautiful world we live in and I hope I can not be to caught up in life to not stop and enjoy the things that really matter.  Thanks for the reminder mom!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Lovely Lake Tahoe

Well each year we go on a family vacation and we try to go somewhere new.  This year we went to Lake Tahoe.  We had a great time and enjoyed many different activities.  The water was still to cold to play in and we got into snow on some of our hikes, but other than that we had a great time.  The drive out there is so boring and we only saw 2 things the entire way.  One Jim was way excited about a desert sheep and the other not so excited about a cop and yes he did get a ticket. 
***Enjoy the pictures***

Of course we loved the pool and hot tub!

The whole family enjoyed playing tennis and racquetball.

We saw a Cowboy Show that was very funny.  We were laughing the entire time!

Ridge Loved the Train and when it blew the whistle this was his priceless face.

We toured a mine.

Virgina City - NV (So Fun!)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Having A Ball.

Can you tell we love the baseball season!  Whether it is watching or playing we love baseball.  So the majority of our spring is spent at the ball field.

Eastons T-Ball Team
I was the Coach and one game we only had about 3 kids there when we started so Aspyn got to help us until some of the other players showed up.  She loved it.

Don't ask about the socks (He has to wear them)

I did the pictures for Trey's Baseball Team this Year so here is the final product.

Trey's Individual Picture

Team Picture

And last but not least my awesome niece Bailey playing softball.

Have not made it to one of Brock's games yet, but I will add some pictures of him when I can.